Elevate Your Baking With A Premium Dough Mat

Your Ultimate Proofing Companion

Introducing the Bakehouse Essentials Dough Mat – The ultimate companion for all your dough proofing needs. With three convenient sizes to choose from, including a 9″ round, medium 10″x14″ and a large 12″x18″, these ultra-thin mats are designed to elevate your dough preparation experience.

With the Bakehouse Essentials Dough Mat, you can say goodbye to the unpredictable rise times and unnecessary stress of waiting on dough to rise. The Dough Mat comes equipped with a built-in thermostat, this allows you to set and control your desired temperature with ease. By providing a consistent and controlled heat source, it ensures that your dough rises efficiently and evenly. Simply dial in your desired temperature and let the Dough Mat proof the rest.

Designed with the needs of bread bakers in mind, this bread proofer is incredibly user-friendly, from frozen rolls to homemade dough, this is a must-have in every kitchen. The Bakehouse Essentials Dough Mat is your reliable ally in achieving optimal dough rising regardless of external conditions. Embrace the freedom to bake anytime, anywhere, and let the Dough Mat handle the rest. 

Bakehouse Essentials

Your Trusted Baking Partner

High-Quality Baking Equipment for Home Bakers and Professionals


Our dough mats are crafted using quality materials and superior craftsmanship.  Professional results in the comfort of your own kitchen.


Easy to store and easy to use. The Dough Mat provides a consistent proofing temperature that typically cuts the proofing time in half.


Designed to to be used with a wide range of yeast based doughs, including sourdough. This dough proofer has you covered!


With the option to choose your proofing temperature, our Dough Mat provides excellent results with both fresh and frozen dough regardless of weather and other variables.

Bakehouse Essentials

Round Dough Mat



Bakehouse Essentials

Medium Dough Mat



Bakehouse Essentials

Large Dough Mat



Customized Dough Mats for Every Bakers Unique Needs and Projects

We want to be your trusted partner on your baking journey, helping you unlock your full baking potential and achieve success in the kitchen.

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